James Clarke — guitar teacher

An electric guitar
A picture of James Clarke, guitar teacher and all round nice guy

Want to learn to play guitar?

Looking to get started, improve your playing, develop your theory? There is no more efficient way to improve than guitar lessons. With 16+ years experience, and a genuine passion for the instrument, James delivers personalised lessons built around you and your goals as a musician. Everything is geared around you developing the skills that you need.

Don’t delay, book your first free lesson now and become the player you always wanted to be.

  • Learn in a friendly relaxed environment
  • Personalised lessons
  • Focus on your goals as a player
  • Avoid frustration
  • Improve fast and see real results
A picture of James Clarke, guitar teacher and all round nice guy


'I have enjoyed all my lessons with James; he has understood my learning needs and allowed me to learn at a speed which suits me.'

'My biggest concern before taking lessons with James was that because I was self taught and had built up a number of bad habits that I would have to "Unlearn" and rehash my entire playing style. But the lessons were tailored to my needs so it became me "Plus".'

'I should say that James is first and foremost an awesome guitarist. He covers most styles to an exceptional level and is a great teacher.'

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